IES provides a complete end-to-end service: from initial design through to site installation and aftercare. Every job is assigned a project manager, a fully trained engineer who acts as a single point of contact and all critical processes are carried out on site allowing a seamless, rapid service.

Safety in Design
Our safe design approach begins in the conceptual and planning stages. By analysing and assessing potential faults and proposing safety requirements up-front we ensure the safety of the finished product in each of the lifecycle phases.


Alan Middleton IES Electrical Project Engineer for 6 years

Our highly qualified and experienced engineers are trained in the development of safe designs that comply with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and EN ISO13849-1. The use of the Applied Chart Risk Graph to calculate the Performance Level (PL) is also widely adopted in our methodology.

A calculation of the PL is applied to each part of the control system – and combination of them – which performs a safety function using the following values:

• MTTFd (Mean Time To Failure dangerous)
• DC (Diagnostic Coverage)
• CCF (Common Cause Failure)
• Structure (Category)
• Behaviour of the safety function at error conditions
• Safety related software
• Systematic errors
• The ability to execute a safety function under foreseeable conditions

Once the required performance level has been established – and as well as utilising more traditional methods – we explore other higher-level systems which utilise the latest technology and can often prove to be a much safer and more cost-effective solution in the long term.