SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is used for industrial processes utilising PLC control such as food and beverage production lines, flood defence, power generation and green technologies, material movement, chemical processes, etc.

SCADA systems control and monitor entire sites, or are complex systems spread out over large areas. Nearly all the control actions are carried out by PLCs or RTUs. SCADA provides the operator a supervisory level intervention or basic overriding of the process. In an industrial boiler for example, the PLC controls the flow of water through the pipes, with the SCADA system allowing any changes related to the alarm conditions and set points for flow (such as high temperature, loss of flow, loss of pressure etc.) to be recorded and displayed.


IES is a major supplier and system integrator of SCADA and PLC systems across a variety of industries from new systems to complete and partial upgrades – one of the most challenging areas of work and an area in which we excel – we can design and facilitate the right integrated solution for your system and can do so without downtime or interruption to processes.

We are fully equipped to support numerous platforms and products:


  • Schneider – CitectSCADA
  • Rockwell – RS View 32
  • Siemens – Win CC
  • Iconics – Genesis SCADA
  • Wonderware – Intouch
  • GE Proficy – iFix HMI/SCADA
  • Aveva – Wonderware InTouch

Across Industrial Protocols:

  • ASI Bus
  • Controlnet
  • CC Link
  • Devicenet
  • Hart
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Modbus
  • Modbus over Ethernet
  • Profibus
  • Profinet
  • Profisafe
  • Rockwell DF1