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Prescott Channel Lockgates

The Bow Back Rivers is a network of post-industrial waterways situated in the East London Borough of Newham and forming part of the 2012 Olympic Park.
Prescott Channel Lockgates

Left derelict and unused since WWII, they are part of an ambitious British Canal and Rivertrust plan to provide a green gateway for freight and a thriving waterway for wildlife and the local community.

The first step towards reinstating the network involved Three Mills Lock on the Prescott Channel near Bromley-by-Bow. Hydraulic lock gates were put in place to create a permanent head of water, enabling 350-ton barges to transport construction materials up the Thames to the Olympic Park and marine wildlife to migrate upstream without hindrance.

Working as a partner for Volker Stevin, IES was awarded the contract to provide all aspects to complete the electrical design, installation and commissioning of this prestigious project.

Our remit was to design a safe and effective solution to allow for the operation of the lock gates and the environmentally sensitive Fish Guidance System allowing marine wildlife to gain access upstream.

This included the provision of the MCC’s and Mitsubishi Q Series PLC and Citect SCADA Control System for the hydraulically-driven lock gates. In addition, IES provided the complete site electrical scope for the controls and infrastructure.