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Port of Felixstowe

The Port of Felixstowe operate Rubber Tyred and Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes for the moving and stacking of shipping containers.
Port of Felixstowe
Felixtowe Image

IES replaced the Port of Felixstowes NELCON RMG cranes GEM80 legacy control systems and installed bespoke fuel saving systems and anti-collision driver aids on PACECO and ZPMC RTG cranes; all delivered as turnkey projects .

The anti-collision driver aids use Continental Precision Laser Distance Meters connected by Profibus to the existing Siemens PLC’s; reprogrammed by IES Software Engineers.

The fuel saving systems are designed to minimise the speed of the diesel generator during stand-by mode; reducing the total fuel consumption by up to 20% without impairing performance.

The fuel saving systems are static electronic systems requiring minimal maintenance. In addition to fuel cost savings and reduced emissions, the life of the diesel engines, the generators and the electrical auxillaries are increased.

IES delivered these turnkey projects to programme and in budget. The design, manufacture, installation and commisioning were all carried out in-house.